Binghamton City Council Declares Support for a Binghamton Casino

Members of Binghamton City Council unanimously declared their support of an application for a Southern Tier casino license that, if granted, would allow a developer to build a new casino in Binghamton. Binghamton City Council passed a resolution last night, during a special meeting, to back Albany-area businessman Jeffrey Hyman’s application to secure a license. This license would construct a casino at the Stow Manufacturing site– at the corner of Frederick and Montgomery Streets. So far, Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural and Hyman are the only two applicants that have been announced publicly. Hyman applied and failed to get a license for the Howe Caverns Resort and Casino in 2014. Hyman’s organization applied to develop the Stow Manufacturing site as some form of entertainment venue back in May, ahead of Tuesday’s announcement of the casino application. Hyman and Gural’s organizations will both get the chance to make oral presentations this summer, in an attempt to get licenses for their proposed casinos. One of their projects could get the Southern Tier license this fall. A public announcement on the possible Binghamton casino with more information will be made next week.

Sweat’s Condition Upgraded to ‘Fair’

Albany Medical Center said yesterday afternoon that escaped prisoner David Sweat was in “fair” condition. When his condition was reported as “serious” earlier in the week, the hospital said Sweat would likely remain in the hospital for a few days while he recovers. As of yesterday it was not known how long his recovery would take. Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie said Monday he plans to bring David Sweat’s case to a grand jury. If Sweat is indicted, Wylie said he would be brought to Clinton County Court to be arraigned. Whether it’s escape in the first degree, or any other charge, Wylie said that’s how his office will be proceeding with the matter. Sweat was shot and captured on Sunday.

Sweat’s Condition Upgraded to Serious

Convicted killer David Sweat remains hospitalized in Albany with two bullet wounds. Yesterday, his condition was upgraded to stable condition and he was talking with investigators. Authorities said Sweat has started telling them details of the getaway plan he and fellow escapee Richard Matt devised with prison employee Joyce Mitchell. The men were planning to kill Mitchell’s husband Lyle, before getting in the car and driving to Mexico. But when Mitchell didn’t pick them up after they escaped, they decided to go to Canada instead according to Sweat. He also told investigators he split from Matt five days before Matt was shot and killed on Friday. One of the big questions remaining is how the pair managed to evade capture for three weeks.

Second Southern Tier Casino Bid Likely

An 11th-hour special meeting called by Binghamton City Council all but guarantees a second bid for a Southern Tier casino license. A special business meeting will be held at 6 pm tonight on a resolution to support a potential casino in Binghamton. The New York State Gaming Facility Location Board requires that applicants for a Southern Tier casino license show support from a local municipality in the form of a resolution like the one the council will consider. Currently, only Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural has publicly announced interest in seeking a license. Applications are due to the state gaming commission July 6. Binghamton City Council does not have another regular business meeting scheduled until July 8. Binghamton Mayor Richard David said he requested council hold a special meeting to vote on the resolution after a potential bidding group indicated it was prepared to move forward with a proposal. He would not identify the group. But according to the city’s announcement of the meeting, the resolution would support a casino at the Stow Manufacturing site, at the corner of Montgomery and Frederick streets. In May, an application to clean up the 15-acre site was filed and it identified the intended use as “entertainment and hospitality.”

Resident Charged in Attack on Owego Police Officer

A follow-up to a story we had yesterday: according to the Tioga County Jail, John Desmond is charged with assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon. He attacked a Village of Owego police officer Sunday night with a rake. Desmond was arraigned in the Town of Nichols Court and taken to the Tioga County Jail on $10,000 cash bail or $20,000 bail bond.

Car Crashes into Endicott Building

A vehicle crashed into the side of The Professional Building on Jefferson Avenue in Endicott around 9:30 last night. A green Honda Accord was crashed into the Monroe Street side of The Professional Building, which houses multiple businesses and is located at 101 Jefferson Ave, at the corner of Monroe Street and Jefferson Ave. Neighbors said the driver of the vehicle got out and ran down Jefferson Ave towards Broad Street, and the passenger of the car ran off west down Monroe Street. An ambulance was seen departing from the scene. Endicott Police, who were at the scene, would not confirm how the person in the ambulance was related to the crashed vehicle, but they did say there was a connection between the two incidents. The first floor window of The Professional Building was heavily damaged from the crash and was covered with a tarp when police and fire crews left the scene.

Dannemora Escape Drama Comes to an End

Law enforcement officers have captured escaped prisoner David Sweat yesterday, two days after his co-conspirator Richard Matt was shot and killed. Sweat was shot and wounded by New York State Police Sgt. Jay Cook at 3:20 yesterday afternoon. He was treated and was in stable condition, but is now listed in critical condition. State police say Cook spotted a suspicious man walking down a roadway in the town of Constable about a mile and a half from the Canadian border. No officers were injured. It took officers 23 days to find Sweat. About 1,300 searchers focused on 22 square miles of heavy woods, near where Matt was killed by a border patrol unit in the town of Duane on Friday.

Owego Police Officer Injured in Altercation

An Owego Police Officer was attacked by a 19-year-old with a rake last night, sending the officer to the hospital. The officer, who had recently graduated from the police academy, was taken to UHS Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City. An update on his condition is not available at this time. The attacker was identified by his mother as John Desmond. Desmond’s mother, Elizabeth Jones, said the officer drove to the family’s home on Franklin Street in the village of Owego and told her that he wanted to give her son a warning about allegedly threatening to beat up another person. After a conversation between Desmond and the officer, Jones said her son went inside the home. But then, he came back out. At that point, Jones said the officer grabbed her son off the porch and shoved him into a grill. Her son, then reached for a rake and struck the officer. At some point during the physical altercation, Jones said her son was tazed. According to Jones, Desmond has special needs and has been treated in multiple youth homes for his disability. She said he is trying to get back on his medications and would not hurt anyone if he was thinking straight. Jones said her son deserves to be punished, but hopes he does not get a harsh prison sentence, since she does not believe her son will be able to last long in prison with his special needs.

Three Injured in Town of Union Collision

A two-vehicle accident on the Hooper Road and Route 17C ramp in the town of Union sent three people to the hospital yesterday afternoon. Crews were called to the scene just before 2:30 for a crash involving a sedan and an SUV. New York State Police said three people were transported to the hospital for minor injuries. Two patients were sent to Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, and one was sent to UHS Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City. Their conditions are unknown. Both vehicles were towed from the scene of the crash.