Fire Victim Identified

More details have been released in the mobile home fire incident which occurred early yesterday morning. Authorities identified the individual who perished in the blaze as 53-year-old Frances White. An autopsy revealed that White died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Fire investigators have concluded that the fire started as a result of an overloaded power strip in the living room of the home. There were no working smoke detectors in the home at the time of the fire.

$3.3 Million Coming to Broome County

$3.3 Million dollars has been secured through Senator Schumer’s office for use in Broome County. A majority of the money will be used to remove lead from up to 155 older homes. According to Broome County, 40 to 50 new cases of childhood lead poisoning shows up each year in the county. Lead poisoning can lead to developmental issues in children among other things. A large portion of the $3.3 Million dollars is part of a five-year, forgivable federal loan.

Lourdes Hold Camp for Grieving Children

Lourdes Hospital kicks off their 9th annual Camp Hope for Kids. The camp will run today through Thursday from 9-4, at Camp Sertoma in Kirkwood. The camp is organized through Lourdes hospice program, and is designed for kids who are currently grieving the recent loss of a loved one. The camp aims at bringing grieving children together to show them that they are not alone. Also, the camp teaches children lifelong coping skills.

Athens Man Arrested for Public Drunkenness

Police arrested an Athens man for trespassing and public drunkenness. This comes after 33-year-old Matthew Chapman allegedly wandered into a residence in Sayre. The homeowner repeatedly requested that Chapman leave, despite this, Chapman stayed on the property. At one point Chapman wandered into the front yard and proceeded to vomit on himself and the yard. When police arrived, he was laying on a couch. He has since been issued a summons for September 22nd.

Man Involved in Gang-Related Drug Activity Sentenced

A Binghamton man has been sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking after he appeared in court yesterday. 42-year-old Leslie Hughes was one of 14 individuals accused of being affiliated with a gang-related drug conspiracy in our area. Hughes is said to be a member of the MacBallers, a local gang set of the Bloods. The U.S. District Court judge who sentenced Hughes said that Hughes has shown a history of violent and drug related crimes. The MacBallers gang clubhouse is the 17 East Bar on Clinton Street in Binghamton. The MacBallers are said to have used guns in numerous assaults while drug trafficking. They also only used rental cars, and rental apartments to process and deliver their drugs. In addition, the MacBallers used disposable cell phones to make gang-related calls. Despite this, authorities were able to phone tap the gang, Authorities also used informants and undercover drug purchasers to aid in their investigation into the gangs drug-trafficking activities. Hughes says that he plans on appealing his conviction.

Authorities Apprehend Suspect on Run

A man has been arrested by Broome County Sheriff’s Deputies after nearly two weeks of being on the run. 29-year-old Justin Knapp was finally apprehended yesterday at a residence on Route 369 in the Town of Fenton. When authorities arrived on scene, Knapp attempted to break out a back window of the residence, but police were able to quickly subdue him with a taser. The search for Knapp has lasted two weeks, and has involved several law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and judges. Knapp was also found to be in possession of over 24 ounces of methamphetamine. He has since been arrested on an active New York State Parole Warrant, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine.

Schumer Proposes New Drone Legislation

Charles Schumer has just recently proposed legislation to congress that would restrict the use of drones within two miles of an airport or above 500 feet. Schumer explained his concern that an unmanned drone could easily get sucked into the engine of a jet-aircraft, and cause a catastrophe. Schumer wants to restrict drones usage in these areas, by a software method called geo-fencing. This method would incorporate software into all drones that would render them useless in the suggested restricted airspace.

Chemung County Man Arrested After Assaulting Authorities

A Chemung County man has been arrested on multiple charges after assaulting two Chemung County Sheriff’s Deputies. Deputies were contacted by a female in Horseheads who said that her ex-boyfriend, 35-year-old Kevin Searfoss, repeatedly texted and called her, despite an order of protection against him. While on scene, deputies called Searfoss, identified themselves as Sheriff’s Deputies, and told Searfoss he must cease contact. Searfoss hung up on them. Minutes later, he showed up on scene while deputies were still there. He forced his way into the building, and immediately knocked one deputy to the ground, and pinned one to a wall, forcing him in a headlock. Deputies then tased Searfoss to subdue him. The deputies received minor injuries as a result of the incident. Searfoss has since been charged with burglary, assault, and criminal contempt. He was sent to the Chemung County Jail on $200,000 cash bail, or $400,000 property bond.

No Action Taken in Town of Owego Highway Superintendent Discussion

No action was taken in regards to the issue of turning the Town Highway Superintendent position into an appointed position at last night’s Town of Owego board meeting. This was the first Town Board meeting since Town Supervisor Donald Castellucci held a press conference asking for a public discussion of the matter. The Town Board will meet again next month.