SWAT Team Called Out In Endicott

Multiple law enforcement agencies, including a SWAT team and members of the Endicott Bomb Squad were called to an apartment in the Town of Union, for reports of an armed man who threatened to kill himself using a handgun. Law enforcement was on the scene of 646 Glendale Drive for several hours last night. Officers tried to negotiate with the man who they believed was held up on the second floor. But when the man never responded to negotiators, the Endicott Bomb Squad used its remote-controlled robot to check on the man’s condition. But they found that no one was inside. Authorities said they were acting on information from the man’s mother. Police will continue to search for the man, who is still believed to be suicidal, but does not pose a threat to anyone else.

Secret Service Searches Home In Elmira

An alleged threat to the President led Secret Service Agents to searching the home at 415 Walnut Street in Elmira. Neighbors say police removed several guns from the house, and a laptop was seen being taken from the home. Also multiple hand made weapons were removed by authorities. People living nearby were evacuated from their homes around 9:30 yesterday morning, before authorities executed the search warrant. Some authorities wore surgical masks when coming out of the house and later in the afternoon Elmira Code Enforcement put up a notice condemning the home. The Secret Service says no information can be made public due to how fresh the investigation is.

Crash Zone Safety act Introduced

More than 130 police officers have been killed nationwide in the last ten years. A new piece of legislation is working to keep emergency responders safe while on the roads.

Sen. Tom Libous introduced the Crash Zone Safety Act yesterday morning at the Prospect Mountain Fire Department. The act would require drivers to slow down 20 mph under the speed limit, move over when passing a crash scene and establish a 500 ft. emergency speed zone around the crash site, as well as created larger penalties for violators. Violators of the act would be responsible for triple the damages if they were to be sued for damages of death, injuries or property damage. The potential law would create an education program to alert people of the new law, the Emergency Zone Safety Education Fund, which would be funded by violators’ tickets for breaking the law. There would be a mandatory surcharge of $100 to $250 on top of the traffic ticket. Local and state leaders, firefighters and law enforcement said this law would save dozens of lives, if not more, each year. Police cars, firefighters and even tow trucks would qualify as emergency vehicles. Repeat offenders could face vehicular assault, vehicular manslaughter and criminal mischief charges. Sen. Libous is the sponsor of the bill and said he hopes this act will turn into a law for all of New York this spring.

Probation Violation Investigation Leads To Meth Lab Discovery

A search for a woman accused of violating probation turned into the discovery of a meth lab, and four arrests. Broome County Sheriff’s officers were searching for Katlyn Hass at her residence at 223 Wilson Ave in Endicott. Hass was wanted for violating probation. Deputies discovered Hass, and three other individuals, manufacturing meth. The Broome County Special Investigations Unit Task Force was contacted to continue the investigation. Yesterday morning, approximately 17 fluid ounces of meth oil was discovered. The finished product has an estimated street value of approximately $14,000. Haas, along with Stephen Kutney of Endwell, Jeffrey Randall of Glen Aubrey, and Kimberly Demkovich of Apalachin were all arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree, and Unlawful Manufacture of Methamphetamine in the Third Degree. All four people arrested were arraigned in the Town of Union Court Monday night, and were all taken to Broome County Jail without bail.

Rob Jacnya Appointed Johnson City Fire Chief

The Village of Johnson City announced a new fire chief was appointed. Captain Myron “Rob” Jacyna was appointed at the regular board meeting last night. Today is Jacyna’s first day of work with the title. Jacyna joined the fire department in Oct. 1986. In 1998, he was promoted to lieutenant and held the position until he was promoted to captain in 2004. Jacyna also served as a mechanic in the fire department from 1992 to 2003. Jacyna is a lifelong resident of the Village of Johnson City.

Endicott FD To Host ‘Operation Warm’

Operation Warm is a non-profit organization created to help provide new winter coats to children in need. The Endicott Fire Department is hosting this fundraising effort for the first time this year. The fire department in partnership with Operation Warm will provide coats for more than 400 underprivileged children at Charles F. Johnson Elementary school. The school was chosen for the pilot program based off of the number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunches which is an indication the family is near or at the federal poverty guidelines. These coats are 100 percent American made and Union-made, and the manufacturing of them is providing close to 200 jobs for people here in the U.S. So not only does it help out the children to keep them warm but it also helps people who need jobs. Those spearheading this effort say getting a winter coat can be especially difficult for families and this is a great way to help out those in need. Operation Warm has provided over 1.4 million children throughout the U.S. with a new coat, last year alone more than 200,000 kids received a new coat.
A donation of $34 will provide one coat.

Murder Trial Of Christopher Davis Set To Begin Today

A man accused of killing his neighbor in Johnson City more than a year ago will face trial today. Jury selection for the murder trial of Christopher Davis was completed in Broome County Court yesterday. Twelve jurors were selected, seven men and five women. Four male alternates were also selected. Davis was charged with murder in the first degree, two counts of murder in the second degree and robbery in the first degree. He’s accused of killing his neighbor, Patricia LaCaprara during a robbery in July 2013. She was found dead in her home on Brown Street and died as a result of traumatic head injuries. LaCaprara owned the home and Davis lived in an apartment above her.

IBM To Shed Chip Manufacturing Unit

IBM employees in the Southern Tier could be affected by the company’s decision to shed one of its divisions. IBM has been working on a deal for months to get rid of its chipmanufacturing division. Yesterday, the company confirmed a deal with Globalfoundaries Incorporated to take over IBM’s unprofitable chip-manufacturing unit. The local Alliance@IBM, an IBM employee advocate group, said although there is not an IBM chip manufacturing plant in the Southern Tier, employees in the region may not be excluded from this “reorganization.” Because Endicott are most likely apart of several different divisions in IBM, one of which could be the chip manufacturing, they are not directly doing manufacturing jobs, but they are either writing software or they are supporting some of the other divisions at some of the other sites. Those working in administrative roles for the chip-manufacturing division, potentially some employees in Endicott, could be effected by this move from IBM to Globalfoundaries. While Globalfoundaries has said they plan to keep IBM’s current employees at the chip-manufacturing facilities, Alliance@IBM believes this kind of “restructuring” has historically led to lay-offs. IBM once employed more than 10,000 people in the Southern Tier, and now there’s estimated to be just a few hundred IBM employees in the Endicott area.

Armed Robbers Sought In X-Box Theft

Johnson City police are investigating an incident reported to have occurred on Grand Avenue yesterday afternoon. A report of an armed burglary was reported by 911 dispatch. Three black males entered 90 Grand Avenue in Johnson City, one of them armed with a handgun. They reportedly took an X-Box video game system and then fled on foot. The Johnson City Police Department would only confirm an incident happened at the Grand Avenue location.