Douglas Every Found Guilty Of First Degree Manslaughter

On day two of deliberations, a jury in Tioga County Court reached a verdict in the murder trial of Douglas Every. Every, 63, of the town of Tioga, was found guilty of manslaughter in the first degree Friday morning. He was found not guilty of the original charges against him: murder in the second degree and tampering with physical evidence. Every was accused of stabbing and killing his housemate, Milton Jump, 39, in October 2013. Every admitted to stabbing his roommate during a drunken dispute, but claimed it was an act of self defense. During Thursday’s deliberations, the jury requested again to hear the recording of the 911 call Every made after stabbing Jump. It also requested to view the hour-and-a-half video of Every’s interview with investigators after the incident.

Glenmary Inn Not Sold In Thursday Auction

The owner of the Glenmary Inn was the highest bidder at Wednesday’s auction, according to the real estate company Terri Peters and Associates. The owner of the
mansion, Jane Taylor, changed her mind about selling during the auction on Wednesday. Terri Peters-McGraw said none of the bids were high enough to meet the standards of Taylor, so the owner bid herself. Taylor will not have to pay the $165,000 that she bid since she is the title holder of the property. However, Taylor will have to pay fees for the auction, campaign and commission. Peters-McGraw said this was the first time their business has had a “no sale” happen at an auction. The real estate company said the Glenmary Inn will stay in business as a bed and breakfast.

Two Arrested For Burlary And Using Stolen Credit Cards

Two people are behind bars for their involvement in burglary and using stolen credit cards, Endicott Police announced yesterday. Christopher Rusnak of Binghamton is accused of stealing numerous items, including, a TV, computer, jewelry and credit cards– from an Endicott home on Hill Avenue during September. He was arrested on Nov. 3 for one count of burglary in the second degree, and four counts of criminal possession of stolen property in fourth degree. Rusnak used the stolen credit cards to make purchases in Binghamton and the town of Chenango. Christina George also of Binghamton was charged with two counts of criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree, for using the credit cards stolen by Rusnak at the Vestal and Johnson City Wal-Marts. Rusnak and George were taken to the Broome County Jail without bail.

Douglas Every Trial In The Hands Of The Jury

The case of the town of Tioga man accused in the stabbing death of his housemate is now in the hands of the jury. Douglas Every is accused of stabbing and killing Milton Jump during an argument that ensued after a night of drinking. Every is charged with murder in the second degree. The jury also has the option of submitting to a lesser charge of manslaughter, in either the first or second degree. Every is also accused of tampering with evidence for washing the knife that he allegedly used. Every admits to stabbing the victim, but claims he did so in self defense. The prosecution maintains Every stabbed an unarmed Milton with intent to kill. During closing arguments, prosecuting attorneys called his version of the events “a story he’s selling to the world, just like Every sells houses.” Jury deliberation will resume this morning in Tioga County Court.

Fire & Explosion Destroy Home In Barton

A fire at an old gun shop in Tioga County caused an explosion, according to the Tioga Center Fire Department. Multiple crews were called out the to the fire on Frost Hollow Road in Barton just before noon yesterday. There were no injuries, but the building is a total loss. A man was currently living in the home, which was a former gun shop, and his father owns it. The home was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived, so the only thing they could do was get as much water on the home as possible. Shortly after crews arrived on scene, there was an explosion which blew debris onto the road. Since there are no fire hydrants in the area, crews took turns taking fire trucks to a nearby lake to get water. Fire departments from Halsey Valley and Nichols also responded. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Testimony Nearly Complete In Douglas Every Trial

Several witnesses testified yesterday inside the Tioga County courtroom in the Douglas Every murder trial. He is facing second degree murder charges in connection with the death of Milton Jump in October of last year. As prosecution wrapped up its witness testimony, the defense seemed to breeze through seven of their witnesses in the afternoon. First taking the stand was Medical Examiner Scott LaPoint, who talked about the single stab wound that punctured Jump’s heart. He said the angle was quote “Back, neither left or right and slightly upward.” The knife wound was determined the actual cause of death. LaPoint also mentioned the bruises found on Jump’s forearms and knuckles and how they appeared to be recent injuries. According to LaPoint alcohol had been found in Milton Jump’s system…his blood alcohol content level was .27. Then the defense called Every’s family doctor Keith Nichols who said he had prescribed Every several anxiety medications and seen him for a hand injury on November 22, 2013 Every told the doctor the injury was due to a fall. One thing that stood out was the question of Jump’s community reputation — four witnesses identified Jump as a drunken, verbally aggressive and belligerent man. The defense plans to call one more witness today. Judge Keene says it’s possible the jury could get this case sometime later today.

Casino Siting Board Nearing Decision

The casino siting board is nearing a decision – but isn’t ready to make its recommendations just yet. The five-member board will meet at 1 p.m. Friday at Hofstra University, but there will be no decision at the meeting. The agenda sent out yesterday indicates the board will spend a large portion of the meeting in executive session, considering the financial history and employment history of applicants. The board had two similar meetings on Oct. 20 and Nov. 10. Reports are that board members have traveled to proposed locations “to better understand the potential positioning of each facility.” And they have had to deal with a paperwork flood. The members received 16 applications, totaling more than 75,000 pages. After the board makes its recommendations, the Gaming Commission would review them and issue the final licenses.

Tioga Sheriff Warns Of Email Scam

A recent email scam in the area involves a letter claiming to be from the FBI awarding money and seeking personal information, according to Tioga County Sheriff’s deputies. The email informs people they have “legally won” $10,000 from the U.K. Mega Millions Lottery drawing and asks the victim to make a money transfer. Tioga County Sheriff Gary Howard urged local residents not to respond to the email, or click on links contained in the message. The FBI does not send emails asking for personal information according to the sheriff.

Additional Mission For K-MAX Helicopter

The K-MAX is an unmanned aircraft created by a team from Lockheed Martin. The helicopter has been used overseas by the military to aid in drop-offs of materials
during times of war. Now, the K-MAX has now started to be used here at home too. The aircraft has a new ability to aid in firefighting operations by identifying hot spots. Once a spot is identified, data is then provided to an operator who directs the unmanned helicopter to put out the flames. The K-MAX was tested on Nov. 5. In one hour, the unmanned helicopter was able to lift and drop more than 24,000 pounds of water onto the fire. And the jobs created because of the K-MAX have been maintained, and Lockheed Martin expects further job growth for the company involved with this project.