Johnson Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter

A jury has found 29-year-old Emery Johnson Jr. of Towanda guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Johnson faced this charge as well as a charge of aggravated assault after punching a 61-year-old man outside of a bar in Towanda, causing him to fall to the sidewalk and receive fatal head trauma. Prior to the jury’s verdict, Johnson’s defense attorney announced that Johnson would admit to the misdemeanor count of involuntary manslaughter, but not to the felony count of aggravated assault. Johnson is expected back in court in May for sentencing. He could face up to 5 years in prison.

Nine Month Budget Impasse Comes to an End

Following a 9-month standoff between state politicians in Pennsylvania, a state budget will be passed on Monday. The $7 Billion budget was backed by a majority of Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania, but was also opposed by many state Democrats, including Governor Tom Wolf who threatened to veto the proposal if it reached his desk. The threat of school and health care center closures, however, caused Governor Wolf to allow the proposed budget to pass into law. While the governor still refuses to sign it into law, he has vowed not to veto it.


This truce is expected to be only temporary as the state budget for 2016-2017 is due in place on July 1st.

PA House Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. The House made 200 amendments to the bill which came through their door from the Pennsylvania Senate. The Senate will now have to vote to approve these amendments before it heads to Governor Tom Wolf’s desk for final review.

Body Identified by Authorities in Bradford County

Authorities in Bradford County have identified the body found in a field in Bradford County on Tuesday. 41-year-old Paul Dodd of Monroeton was found dead behind the Towanda Printing Company’s printing office just after 4pm on Tuesday. A delivery man first noticed the body. The Bradford County Coroner says that the body appears to have been outside for several days prior to discovery. An autopsy has been scheduled for today.

Body Found in Bradford County Field

Pennyslvania State Police were called to Monroeton late yesterday afternoon after a body was discovered in a field. A delivery man is said to have found the body of a 41-year-old male just after 4pm behind the Towanda Printing Company’s printing plant. An investigation has since been launched to determine the cause of death.

PA Houses Nearly 900 Homeless Veterans

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has announced that nearly 900 homeless veterans have been placed in permanent housing as a result of a state initiative. State of Pennsylvania politicians announced on September 22nd of last year that they would be dedicating more resources to end veteran homelessness in the state. By the end of 2015, 629 homeless veterans were placed in permanent housing. In January of this year, 243 more homeless veterans found housing. The number of homeless veterans given housing in February of this year is still being tabulated.

You can now Track PennDOT Snow Plows Online

Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation has released a website which allows people to track where snow plows are and where they have been. Each PennDOT snowplow has been fitted with a GPS device which is then shown on a map on this recently released website. The website also shows where roadwork is being done, where there have been reported traffic accidents, and in some areas, you can even see traffic in real time. You can visit this website at There is also a mobile app available.

PennDOT meeting Monday on Bradford bridge projects

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is holding a public meeting Monday to discuss bridge replacements in Bradford County. A total of eight bridges have been scheduled for replacement according to PennDOT. The meeting will be held at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Towanda at 3pm. A list of the eight bridges scheduled for replacement has been posted on the WEBO Facebook Page.