Elmira Police warning about new drug that looks like candy

Elmira Police are warning parents about new drugs that are disguised to look like candy. It may look like a pile of Sweet Tarts, but police say it’s actually something more dangerous. The candies have been found to contain substances like heroin or Xanax. They also may be imprinted with name brands to hide what they are. If you have seen anything like this, please call police. They say only give candy to your children that you purchased from the store.

Catholic Churches in Elmira set to merge

A big change is coming for three Catholic churches in Elmira. A decline is members and a shortage of priests are two reasons why three Catholic parishes in Elmira will eventually merge. When the Rev. Scott Kubinski is assigned as priest in July, he will oversee the three parishes, according to the Rochester diocese. Christ the Redeemer, Blessed Sacrament and St. Mary’s will be served by Kubinski in the new alignment of Catholic parishes. The parish will make several changes in scheduling and eliminate a few masses in light of the merger. Catholic churches have closed or merged in recent years including several in the Binghamton area and Tioga County.

One injured in early morning shooting in Elmira Sunday

One person was injured in an early morning shooting in Elmira yesterday. Police were called to College Avenue near West Warren Street around 1am for a report of shots fired. When they arrived, they found one victim leaving the scene in a private vehicle. That person is now in stable condition at the hospital. Despite interviewing several witnesses, police say they do not have a description of the suspect. Anyone with information is urged to call the police tip line at 607-271-4258.

Fetanyl pill mill stopped in Elmira

Local and federal law enforcement agencies have teamed up to bust a fetanyl pill mill in the Elmira area. Search warrants were executed at five different locations in Chemung County Tuesday, which resulted in the seizure of more than 200 fetanyl pills, seven firearms, ammunition, containers with false bottoms, and a 3-D printer. Four men were arrested during the raids. The DEA says the men were manufacturing both fetanyl pills and weapons and their distribution network reached all the way to North Carolina. Fetanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine and is sometimes mixed with heroin.

Elmira Police warning about new fatal heroin in the city

A deadly batch of heroin is making its way through Elmira. Police say they have had six fatal overdoses in the last two weeks and responded to more than a dozen other overdose calls in the city. Their investigation has shown that the heroin is being mixed with other drugs to form a lethal combination. In response, they have issued a public health threat, and are warning members of the public to not touch any drugs or paraphernalia because some of these substances can be absorbed through the skin. Anyone with information about these drugs can call the Elmira Police tip line at 607-271-HALT or their local police department.

Elmira firefighters rescue dog who fell into pond

Elmira firefighters rescued a dog that fell into icy water yesterday. They say the dog got loose from his owners and wandered onto the ice of Brick Pond on Sullivan Street, but the ice broke and he ended up in the water. He kept his head above the water by swimming until Lieutenant Eric Barton of the Elmira Fire Department was able to crawl out on the ice while attached to a life rope. The dog was cold, but did not suffer any injuries. He is back home with his owners.

Fake $100 bills discovered in Elmira

The Elmira Police Department is warning local businesses about fake $100 bills that have been used at several locations across the city. Local businesses are asked to investigate any $100 bills they receive, and use a counterfeit pen if they have one. Police say there are pink and white markings visible on the fake bills, and some dash pattern marks can be seen in the corner of the paper. Please call the authorities if you discover a suspicious $100 bill.

Chemung County: First Arena needs renovations

The Chemung County Legislature says Elmira’s First Arena needs renovations and a new owner. Legislators passed a resolution last night pledging to assist whoever buys the building with renovations in an effort to keep the arena open and the ECHL’s Elmira Jackals in town. The hope is that a new owner will be in place by the end of this month. The First Arena opened in Elmira in 2000.