Murder Weapon Found in Johnson City Case

Police say they have found what they believe is the murder weapon used in a shooting in Johnson City on Easter Sunday. JCPD says a shotgun was recovered from the Susquehanna River Saturday morning. Detectives developed information Thursday night that the gun was dumped in the Susquehanna River. The New York State Police dive team to recover the weapon. Police also learned there were shotgun rounds disposed of in the brush alongside of State Route 17 eastbound in the town of Union.Broome County Sheriff David Harder assisted JCPD by sending 35 recruits from the Sheriff’s Academy to conduct a search that recovered three shotgun rounds believed to be connected to the case. Searches were seen along the highway Monday morning. 29-year-old Corey Robinson has been charged. He was found in Georgia, and is due back in New York soon. He’s accused of killing 46-year-old Erika Smith with the shotgun.